Holo love working with real estate brokers

Holo appreciates and understands that Real Estate Brokers are the backbone of the property market in the UAE and we are here to help arrange finance for their buyers.

Why brokers use HOLO

If you have buyers looking for finance, you can now work with them through the Holo application online at any time and submit their details immediately.

No more waiting for brokers to return your calls or banks taking their time to get in touch with your client.

Give your client a personalized mortgage quote online and in seconds, what could be better?


Brokers Referrals

The best part is that because we really appreciate broker business, we will pay you a referral fee for the introduction. Just ask your client to enter your details when asked “where did you hear about Holo” and this will then be logged against your name in our “Holo Family” broker database and you will receive the referral fee on disbursal of the loan


Broker Sign up

Your mortgage approval

Starts with a few simple clicks.